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Binder Filler

Now that you have seen some of the high premium Capa (Wrapper) we use for Dona Elba Cigars let's take a look at the next type of tobacco introduced to make that excellent tasting cigar from Nicaragua.


The binder is referred to in Nicaragua as the Capote. We have gone to great efforts to find and use the Capote that melds well with our premium cigars. Although the binder does not ordinarily contribute to the taste of your cigar, it is imperative to help control the burn rate while you are enjoying your relaxed time with your cigar. We do have a strong feeling that the Capote we have chosen for our blends does add to the quality of the premium cigar.

The Capote we use most of the time is an Indonesia grown tobacco. We know which prime (the order of harvesting the tobacco leaf) to use is so important to us. We keep this as part of our secret in the construction of a Dona Elba Premium Cigar.


Here comes the very top secret to our great cigars. The secret is the filler we use in our premium cigars; there might be up to 4 or 5 types of leaf used. The filler also comes from different parts of Nicaragua. Ometepe tobacco (from the freshwater lake of Nicaragua) is much different than a filler, which comes from the Estelí farms.

At Dona Elba, we qualify as one of either Seco, Viso, or Ligero, which is determined by the priming of the tobacco plant. We also use an Organic grown Viso and Ligero in some of our famous blends.

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